Legalise Vaping

With so many benefits it just makes sense.

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Cleaner, Healthier & Smarter

Vaping has many benefits over smoking, especially for people who are trying to quit.

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Vaping Is the Future

Australia is being left behind with a public health policy that is harming people.

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Vaping is currently illegal in Australia and carries penalties of up to $45,000 and/or 2 years prison.

The Truth About Vaping

Smoking kills. Everyone knows the best way to reduce the harm done by tobacco is to stop smoking. But that's not easy, even if you want to.

The proven most popular effective aid to quitting is ENDS – usually known as “e-cigarettes” or “vaping”.

ENDS give you the nicotine you want without the deadly tar and particles that smoking generates.

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In the US, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and in the EU, vapourisers are helping millions of people to stop smoking and improve their health.

But in Australia, these life saving devices are banned from retail. This is unacceptable - and is putting hundreds of thousands of lives at risk.

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Vaping: the numbers simply don't lie.

According to the Royal College of Physicians, vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. Studies also suggest that when it comes to quitting, vapourisers offer a 60% higher chance of success over simply going cold turkey. Sweden has one of the world's lowest smoking rates - just 5% thanks to a harm reduction strategy that includes vapes.

Safer than cigarettes

Quit rate over cold-turkey

Non-Smoking rate in Sweden (harm reduction strategy)

Percentage of Smokers who would quit if vaping were legal

The benefits of vaping are numerous, but here's just a sample:

There are many reasons to give up smoking in favour of vaping -
but the government doesn't agree!

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Most Effective

Vaping has been proven more effective than any other quit-smoking method.

Improved Health

Vaping doesn't create ash, tar or many of the other impurities that are associated with smoking.

More Options

Vaping liquids come in many flavours and formulas, whilst keeping a familiar form and action.

More Considerate

Vaping does not produce second hand smoke and is not smelly.

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